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Services that we offer are all about waste, by-products and recycling or disposal.

Every company has waste or by-products that it needs to dispose of. It would be great if all companies would take care of their waste in a responsible and sustainable manner and whe are there to support you with just that.

Some waste is easier to dispose of than other waste. Many types of waste have what we call, a positive or neutral value, meaning that it generates an income for the recyclers and sometimes even for the generator. Certainly when the process of recycling is simple there will be solutions nearby. Examples are materials that can be re-used easily like glass, paper, many plastics, basic metals and alloys, etc. Many companies or individuals will knock the door and take it for free or even pay you to pick it up. What’s important for you to know is if they take care of your waste in a responsible way without creating liabilities that could come back to you.

Where do we come in the picture?

Some waste is not so easy to dispose of, here it requires more knowledge and experience to find and implement a responsible solution. Some waste may still have a positive value, meaning that it could be disposed of at no cost or generate income. But the composition requires more complex solutions and those are often not available nearby. Finding the right destination, optimizing the cost and revenue balance and overcoming the legal and logistic problems you will encounter when moving waste is our job.

Hazardous waste

When waste contains hazardous elements it becomes even harder to find and implement the disposal solution and it generally has a negative value, meaning that you will be charged to dispose of it. For this kind of waste it’s often very difficult to find the best solution and to balance the cost of disposal with the liabilities, safety, social responsibility and stay within the legal boundaries that you have to comply with.

This is our speciality, finding solutions for your most difficult waste streams and helping you to implement them! Examples are Mercury containing waste, PCB waste, Nickel Cadmium batteries, solvents, lab chemicals, etc.

We know where to go with it and how to move it. Some examples of issues that we cover are handling, safety, packaging, logistics, shipping, permits, Basel movement consent, liabilities, insurance. We can also look at your process and find opportunities to reduce or compress your waste, optimize your workflow in regard to waste and environmental impact.

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