Mercury Management and Mercury Disposal

Companies in exploration and production of oil and gas and many petrochemical plants have problems to solve involving mercury (Hg).

mercury-monitoringProblems start with mercury sludges from drilling or solids removal, produced sand and water, catalyst or absorbent, contaminated equipment and piping, mercury in reactors, etc.

From that comes mercury waste, spent catalyst or absorbent, sludges, sands and the need to clean or decontaminate equipment, tubing, valves, etc.

Disposal of mercury waste is a specialized field that I have been working in for the past 8 years building knowledge and a network of professional contacts that can take care of all aspects.

Think about mercury management, mercury disposal, decontamination, cleaning, waste logistics, Basel waste movement notification, permits, safe handling, PPE, etc.mercury-waste-shipping

It’s getting more and more difficult to deal with mercury in a proper and legal way, safety issues, company regulations, international bodies like the UN Basel convention, local authorities, logistics, shipping lines, etc. Hazardous waste is a hot issue for many parties that are involved when you start dealing with it.

If you have a problem with mercury or any questions related to mercury, please contact me, I can solve it!


FGTECH or FG TECH Services Co. Ltd Thailand No Insurance on company cars!

Does anybody have experiences with a company called FGTECH or FG TECH Services Co. Ltd. Thailand?

I have some issue with them that seems hard to solve and would like to know if more people have negative or positive experiences with them.

They operate out of Ban Chang, Rayong province in Thailand and provide industrial services like water jetting, catalyst change out, tank cleaning, engineering, etc.

Late last year during a reckless overtaking maneuver their company car transporting workers to their work smashed in to my car causing serious damage. Their company car was driving around with staff without insurance!

The employees onsite committed to cover the damage, but sofar no efforts have been made to do so.

FGTech Company Car

FGTech Company Car

Be careful FGTech has no insurance

Be careful FGTech has no insurance